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ABOUT Dr Lavhelesani R. Managa


Dr Lavhelesani R. Managa is a Research Specialist in the Science and Technology Research Programme of HSRC's Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA). He holds MSc. Agriculture (Cum Laude) degree form UNISA and PhD. Horticultural Science from University of Pretoria. Before joining the HSRC in June 2015, Dr Managa worked at Penn State Roots Biology Lab and ARC’s Vegetable, Industrial and Medicinal Plants (ARC-VIMP). His experience at the HSRC includes positions as the Researcher and Research Manager in the Africa Institute of South Africa division. Dr Managa public policy and research interests include science, technology, and innovation; agriculture and food security; biodiversity and natural resource management; renewable energy and water security; and climate change. Dr Managa has produced more than 20 peer-reviewed publications, including 9 chapters in edited books, 10 journal articles, 2 policy briefs and 2 edited book volumes. He is passionate about producing knowledge that aimed at informing sustainable development in African continent. He has undertaken projects for both government and international funders such as Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Water Research Commission, VW Foundation, International Council for Science and South Korean Government. He was instrumental in the implementation of first South Africa National Food and Nutrition Security Survey (NFNSS), where he served as national fieldwork coordinator. He also serves in several scientific committees both locally and internationally.

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